Las Vegas Magic Show, how magical was it?

Hello Treat U Boutique Friends!!  I know its been a few weeks since I have posted a blog… sorry!  Life happened and I got behind on everything so I prioritized and well.. this took a backseat.  Glad to be back though!

Today I wanted to fill you all in on my trip to Las Vegas.  It was extremely short, very overwhelming, expensive, but so worth it!  We were up at 2:30 am our time and in Vegas by 9:30 am their time.  We headed straight to the show and after about 2 hours of walking around, I looked at Tanner and said, “I need a drink!”  We took a 2 hour break and found a bar, had a drink and I took some time to get mentally prepared for what I had to do.  For those of you that don’t know me, I LOVE clothes and I LOVE shopping…. ONLINE SHOPPING!  Too many people overwhelm me and let me tell you, there were thousands of people and over 1 million square feet of vendors.  Where does a girl even start!

By the end of the first day I had finally made my first purchase.. that was the hardest one of all!  Jeans were done and I had found some cute kids clothes.  Based on how the day started, I felt like that was a success!  I spent the rest of the evening mapping out my next day.  With so many vendors I needed to do some homework and determine which ones I wanted to visit.  I went to bed extremely tired but felt like I was prepared for the next day.

Shop, Shop, Shop… That’s exactly what I did on day two.  I was on a mission and I wasn’t stopping until I hit all the vendors on my list and it was a success!  I found some great stuff and added some new vendors to my favorites list.  I wrapped up my shopping day around 5pm and I was exhausted.  I was ready for a drink and a good meal. 

Day three was much less exciting.  We were up at 6 and heading to the airport by 7.  After a day of traveling we landed back in Rapid City by 5pm.  Headed home to see our kids and get ready for a basketball tournament for Dawson the next day.  We were gone a total of 60 hours!

I owe a huge THANK YOU to my husband Tanner.  He was my rock.  He followed me and carried my purse, phone, coffee and whatever else I had collected throughout the day.  His patience was tested and to my surprise he handled it like a champ! 

Look forward to seeing some spring/summer pieces coming to our website soon!  If I had to pick my favorite purchase, I would say our shoe collection, AMAZING!  If you haven’t joined our VIP group “Treat U Boutique VIP Group” you should… you will see some sneak peaks of what we found!!!!

So…. With all this shopping and new shipments heading our way, its time to make room!  Most winter/fall items have already been marked down 20%-40% off.  Starting today and for a limited time, use code MAGIC for an additional 20% off all items except for our New Arrivals.   Here are few links to help you get started!!  Hope you all have a great week!

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