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Hey friends!  I hope everyone's New Year has started out great!  Update on my New Year Resolutions...  I have done great with my workouts!  I have achieved our 3 meals as a family but still wish there were more!  As far as work, I am starting the year off confident and having a blast!  I have some exciting news to share with you all in a couple days and I have also booked my first buying trip.  Can't wait to do some in-person shopping with these vendors!

Today I want to talk about "My Why".  We all have a reason why we do something.  The problem that happens is that we tend to forget the real reason "why".  We get so caught up in the chaos around us that it can manipulate our why.

For instance, I left my 8-5 job so that I could be available for my family.  I worked for a great company that paid very well and provided amazing benefits but that wasn't enough.  My children's schedules were starting to get busier and busier and I was missing more and more of their activities.  My husband and I decided that it was time to make the change but to be honest, I knew I wasn't going to be content with just staying home with my children and chasing them from one activity to the next.  I needed something for me.  Something that was going to challenge me and excite me!  Don't get me wrong I am a mom, wife, housekeeper, taxi driver, chef, nurse, and the list goes on.. and these are very challenging roles and can be exciting too but they weren't enough for me.  

Before we took this leap, I needed to find something that was going to add that spark to my life.  One night I was sitting at home searching my usual on-line boutiques trying to find the perfect outfit for our upcoming summer events, when it dawned on me.  Why can't I start an online boutique?  I didn't mention it to Tanner right away because I tried talking myself out of it and figuring out all the reasons why I can't do it.  I even made a pro/con’s list, went as far as building a business plan, and listened to numerous podcasts on owning a boutique.  Let me tell u, all this did was excite me more!  I hadn't been this excited and passionate about anything in a very long time!  

It was time to share my idea with Tanner.. I was nervous but to my surprise he was 100% on board!  I would be lying if I said we both haven't had those moments where we go... is this a good idea???  Did we make the wrong decision??  It seems like whenever you make a big change like this something always happens that makes you question your decision.  For instance, after I quit my job.  I think everything that could possibly breakdown.. did.  Within the first couple months we had to replace our washer and dryer, we had to have our local plumber come and fix our tub, Tanner's car needed repairs, our suburban had minor repairs, and our camper got damaged in a storm.  None of these were catastrophic but they all happened within a short period of time and it felt like it was a sign saying... YOU MADE THE WRONG DECISION!  

Thank god for friends!  If I can give you one bit of advice.. Find that person that is going to lift you up, give you the confidence you need to keep pursing your dreams, to look at the positive and to remember your why! 

The day came when I had hit my low and I was really questioning my decisions.  What am I doing!!  I don't know anything about building a website...  I don't even have my own Facebook account!  I know everyone thinks I am CRAZY!

People, if this is you right now not believing in yourself and losing confidence.  STOP!  A very good friend reminded me to go back to "my why".  I took a day and I took my kids to the pool; I planned a day of activities with just them.  I stopped the negative thoughts in my head and focused on my family (my why).  My Why is what gave me the confidence to keep going and to believe in myself.

Life is crazy and circumstance come up and people’s opinions can take a toll on our confidence.  Don't let them take over your why...  Find that someone that is going to continue to give you the confidence you need to push forward and look beyond all the obstacles that you will face.  

We are reminded daily that life is short.  Live for your "why" and enjoy it!

6 month update from when I started this crazy dream... I am having a blast!  Have I made mistakes and thought, wow Kim that was stupid.  Yep!  But in the big scheme of things they didn't matter, life still went on.  

Here's to hoping you live each day for "your why"!

Kim Handcock
Treat U Boutique




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  • Mindy H

    Kim- i admire your honesty and determination to make your adventure work. As an outside set of eyes, this is definitely your nitch!! You’ve filled an outlet that the small town needed.

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