Rise Up

If you haven’t taken the time to listen to Andra Day’s song Rise Up, I ask that you take a few minutes to listen right now.  This song has been such an inspiration to me.   There are times I listen to it just because I want to hear her incredible voice and there are other times I listen because I need to be inspired and reminded. 

We are all going through something that we never would have imagined in a million years.  Its affecting all of us in similar ways and in ways that no one else could imagine.

We are all broken down and tired – some because this virus has impacted someone that we know, a family member or friend or even yourself.  Some of us are affected financially because our businesses or the companies we work for have taken the initiative to close their doors to protect their employees and customers.  Some of us are taking on roles that we quickly realized are meant for others, but we do them anyways (aka teacher).  Some of us are broken down and tired because we are at the front lines of caring for those that have this awful virus. 

I myself have been affected by this, not because I have the virus, but because my family’s entire world has been flipped upside down.  Just like the rest of you!  To my children this virus is preventing them from being able to see their friends, compete in spring sports, or give their grandparents a hug.  The first couple weeks of being home schooled weren’t too bad but this week has been a little harder on our family.  Lot more frustrations, arguments, complaining, and our patience has been tested more than ever.  Then you watch the TV or scroll Facebook and you see things like, “COVID-19 will peak in June or July”!  People… it’s only April!

How will we RISE UP?  How will we WALK IT OUT?  How will we MOVE MOUNTAINTS? 

When I listen to this song, these are the questions I ask myself.  How can I continue to Rise up and do it a thousand times again?  All we need is HOPE.. and for that we have each other.  WE WILL RISE! 

There are so many unknowns that at times we have more doubt than we do hope.  During those times of doubt is when we need to look to each other.  TOGETHER WE WILL RISE.  This is not the time to stop fighting and to give up.  Wake up everyday and set your intentions.  Some days will be better than others, but every day is a new day.  And when all else fails, take my advice and listen to Rise Up!  This song will give you the inspiration to Rise Up, Walk it out and Move Mountains!

I want to end this post with a prayer….

Dear God, I pray that you give us all the strength to Rise Up and give strength to those around us.  I pray that you remind us all what’s important during these tough days and to look past what we can not control.  I pray that you will comfort those who are suffering, and I ask that you give us all confidence in the power of your grace.  Through our Savior Jesus Christ ,Amen.


Treat U Boutique will continue to keep you all in our prayers!

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