Slowing Time Down


Last night Reese and I were the only ones home and we decided to watch a movie together.  When the movie was over and it was time for bed she says, “today went so slow.. and I loved it!  I hope the rest of the weekend goes slow!”


This morning I was listening to a podcast that emphasized on slowing time down and living in the moment.


It was one of those moments that almost stopped me in my tracks.  Stop Kim.. stop and enjoy today, right now, and live in the moment.


We aren’t meant to be stuck in the past or anticipating the future… we are supposed to live each moment in life to its fullest.  To take all the good and bad moments in.


Life gets so hectic that we are constantly thinking about the next to-do, the next game, the next meeting.. when we are truly missing out on life because we aren’t enjoying what we have right now!   


They say awareness stops time.  Are you aware of your surrounding in each moment?  Slowing down your breath and being aware slows time down.  As I sit here writing this I take a deep breath in and it’s amazing how relaxed and aware I truly am.


So if you have been going and going and finding yourself not enjoying life and what we have right now I encourage you to slow down and enjoy this moment.


I hope you all have an amazing, slow weekend that allows you to enjoy your company and all the moments within the weekend!

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