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I thought it was time to introduce you to the family behind Treat U Boutique!  Majority of you probably know who we are but I know there are several people who follow our page that don’t.  So, here goes nothing! 

The Handcock’s were established in 2003.  Tanner and I married shortly after both of us turned 22.  I was the type of girl that never had a boyfriend and Tanner was the type of guy who always had a girlfriend!  😉 We did date a little in high school and if you ask him, he will tell you, I was mean and even ditched him at my junior prom.  I could go into more detail about this but I think I will leave that for a different Blog Post!  If you haven’t done the math yet, we have been married for 16 years and during this time we have added 4 children to our crazy family!

The first born is Dawson Dane Handcock aka Pookie.  When I explain my children to people I always say that the world revolves around Dawson.  He is in every sport this little town allows and we have spent many hours traveling to and from sporting events.  His passion is basketball, his favorite team to watch is North Carolina Tarheels (thanks to his dad), he will leave home without a winter coat 🤬 but never without his iPhone and his best friend is his four legged friend named Champ!  I am starting to realize that my time with him at home is on the downhill slope and this momma is struggling with that.  If only we could freeze time! 😢

Then there is Hallie Marie Handcock aka MIDDLE CHIILD!  If you have never read some of the descriptions of a “middle child” you should.  Hallie’s name and my husband Tanner’s name should be included in that description!  To her defense she was put in a situation at a very young age that most kids aren’t.  She welcomed twin brother and sister when she was 3 years old.  Her time with mom and dad was definitely impacted by this.  She learned at a very young age how to fix her hair, dress herself, make her own cereal, and many other functions most 3 years didn’t have to do.  She has the biggest heart out of all my children and she truly is a mother hen to her siblings.  I will say though….  She is the hardest child to deal with.  She has an, “I will do what I want attitude” and dealing with that has caused many grey hairs, just look at her dad’s beard! 😂 If there is one thing I am certain of, because of her attitude she will be the one who never gives up!  She is out to prove to everyone that she can do it and she wants all the attention she can get.  She demands it!

Next up, TWINS!  That’s right.. we were going for lucky number 3 and got 3 and 4.  To be honest though, this really should not have been that big of a surprise to us.  Just to give you a little family history.. Tanner has twin brothers, his mom is a twin, he has an aunt and uncle that are twins, and many other cousins that are twins.  When we first got married and I started to realize the number of twins in his family, I did a little research!  First, your chances of having twins comes from the mother’s side.  Phew!  That was my thought at the time.  Then shortly after Hallie was born my cousin had a set of twins.  Interesting.. still didn’t get too worked up🤔.  Your mind plays this game, there is no way your going to have twins Kim, stop worrying! 

I’ll never forget the day!  My husband had been gone on a “work trip” aka Ranch Rodeo… and had just gotten home and I started having some issues. I was about 7 weeks pregnant and I figured I was having a miscarriage.  I had gone through a miscarriage before Dawson was born and my symptoms were very similar.  I went in for an ultrasound and about 15 minutes in I looked at Tanner and he held up two fingers.  Later he told me that he kept seeing her label things as A and B.  I waited a few minutes and I asked the tech if she had a healthy heartbeat.  She said yes!  I then asked her if she heard 2 healthy heart beats and her jaw dropped!  How did you know!  On August 26, 2014 we welcomed Reese and Davis.  They were 5 weeks early and both weighed over 6 Ibs!  I was huge! 

Reese Lou Handcock was the first to arrive and she truly was the easiest baby we had.  She was a very strong baby who was walking by 10 months and had a broken leg before her 1st birthday!  Her personality has grown throughout the years though.  She is no longer content just sucking her thumb… her personality has taken on more of a whiney personality.  She wakes up whining and goes to bed whining!  But she’s all ours and we wouldn’t change her for the world! 😉I will say she is more of a homebody, unlike the rest of my children who want to be going, going, going!  She loves to color and has almost every barbie that was ever made!  When she is out and about you will usually see her glued to an iPhone, iPad or iPod! 

Last but not least is Davis Dale Handcock.  He was our hardest baby but has become our easiest child!  To be honest, I have a tendency of losing him!  He goes along with the flow very well.  He adapts well to all situations and loves all things boy!  Hunting, fishing, trucks, balls, you name it, he loves it!  I will say though, there is one side of him that most don’t see and that is his stubborn side!  Watch out!  Most of the time you just have to let him be and give him some time to calm down and then he will make the first move to apologize and ask for a hug and kiss.  Breaks my heart!  He enjoys spending time with his Papa Wayne, and that scares the crap out of me!😬

Well there you have it!  I could go into detail of what Tanner and I are like or what our hobbies are but based on what I have already told you, you probably have a good idea!  Tanner is a Crop Insurance Salesman and I am a stay at home mom with a clothing boutique!  We spend 95% of our time chasing kids and wouldn’t change it for the world!  We are the type of parents that expect respect from our children, hold them accountable for their actions, and when it comes to school it’s their responsibility not ours!  Besides, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t finish a math lesson after 2nd grade!

People ask us all the time, how did you do it with twins or how do you do it with 4 kids.  My answer, just like the rest of you do it.  We are all human, make mistakes, have regrets, but we all adapt.  We all just do what we have to do.  It isn’t always right but so be it.  How I raise my kids isn’t the same way others will raise theirs.  I’m not here to judge, life is too short to spend my time worrying what others are doing or what they think. 

I hope everyone is having a great week and staying healthy!  For those of you that have been hit with the flu bug or one of the many other viruses out there.. good luck and sending good vibes your way!


Kim Handcock

Treat U Boutique


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