The Power of Giving

How many of you have ever done something that has truly made you feel like a good person, made you proud of yourself?  I often see things from other people about “Paying It Forward” or you see others lending a helping hand to someone else.  These acts of kindness are what our world needs more of. 

Why do people do this though?  There are real genuine people out there that do this not for the acknowledgment or the pat on the back.  They do it because they want to make a difference in this world.   They do it because they know how much it means to other people.

The Holidays are a perfect time to show compassion, gratitude, and love towards others, but this is something we should be doing all the time.  I know its not always easy or we may not always have the time, but I will tell you this.  Making time to do something special for someone else is something that you will NEVER regret. 

I was reminded today that this life we are living right now could be gone tomorrow… so I ask myself.  If that were to happen, have I lived my life with no regrets, with no what ifs?  Have I been a good person, have I shown kindness and compassion to others? 

What can we do to help others?  It doesn’t have to always be the gift of money but maybe it’s the gift of friendship.  I was very fortunate to be raised by my parents.  Both of them are two of the most giving people I know.  My father spends countless hours helping others.  Most of them don’t even ask for his help and honestly, they may be a little worried when he shows up!  He is a no-nonsense kind of man and when he gets something in his head, he is going to do it.   What I love most about my dad is that he does all of these things because he wants to not because he has to or because he feels guilty.  He once told me that he understands how lonely life can be once you are older and if he can make someone’s life better by just stopping by and having a cup of coffee with them, than that’s what he’s going to do.  He hopes that when he is in that situation that someone takes the time to do the same for him.  That may have been a moment in time that really impacted my view on what “paying it forward” really is.  Like I said before it isn’t always about giving money or gifts, but your time may be more valuable than anything!

This Holiday Season I encourage you to give back.  If you are unsure what or how to, Treat U Boutique can help.  This year our Holiday Giveaway is not about what you could win but how you could give back.  I encourage you to check out the top post on our Facebook page for a chance to help someone else.  Yes, this is a gift of money to someone or something that you feel is in need this holiday season.  Help us spread the act of kindness this year and make someone’s Holiday a little more special.  All those receiving the donations will be confidential.  Like I said before, you will never regret it!


“No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted.”  - Anonymous



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